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Damn Cells! [CloudxReno fanfic] - Chap 9/22

Title: Damn cells!!
Rating: T
Author: BekasStrife
Pairing: CloudxReno
Warnings: M/M relationship; male pregnancy, colourful language
Summary: Cloud and Reno got drunk and had sex. It's simple as that. What Reno wasn't expecting was to get pregnant on the process... Will he cope with morning sickness and a talking baby inside himself? Some chapters in Reno's POV and others in Cloud's.
I don't own these characters, Square Enix does.

Did I ever talk about my hate for sunlight in the morning? It hurts so fucking much and it wakes you up early.

Just, that doesn’t mean that you have to get up in that moment. And right now, there’s nothing that can get me out of this bed. I shift under the blankets, burying my face into the warm chest next to me. I don't need to open my eyes to know that is Cloud Strife that I'm snuggling against but hey!, I'm cold, yo. Can you blame me for trying to get warm?

“Awake already?" I hum a stream of incoherent words against his shirt, not moving an inch. I wanna sleep, pal. Lemme sleep or you'll feel the rage of my hormones, yo! "I didn't get that but okay." I hear him say, almost seeing the small smirk on the corner of his mouth.

“Go to sleep.” I mumble, pulling the blankets up until they completely hid my face. “When did you wake up?”

“A little while ago…” I heard him yawn. “Your mother must have slept in and didn't woke me up for deliveries... The hell with it, I'm not going today."

"Lazy ass..."

"You're one to talk."

“Shut up.” I protest weakly, feeling the body next to mine shift to a more comfortable position but still allowing me to keep my face buried in it, keeping me warm. I rest my arms between our chests, trying to warm them up as well. It felt so damn good, having a warm body next to mine in a cold morning. I had almost forgotten how good it was... "What time is it?" I asked, feeling Cloud rest an arm on my waist. Not that it meant a thing!

"Around eleven am."

I blink and raise my head, looking at the sleepy man next to me. "That late?" I mumble, looking around. "Something isn't right." I state, trying to force my body to move but it's cold...

"Then go and check it..." Cloud mumbled, blinking his eyes and trying to get more rest.

"It's cold, man..."

"Then settle down and just put in your head that everything's okay. Your mother just slept a little bit too much."

“... I guess yer right.” I sighed and settled my head back on my pillow, still with a bad feeling. Cloud hummed and yawned, not having the strengh to keep his eyes open any longer before a creek was heard coming from the stairs, sending his senses on alert. "What?" I mumble, seeing Cloud sit suddenly and wave at me to keep quiet.

"I think someone got inside." He whispered, gracefully slipping out of the bed and grabbing his sword, gripping the handle tightly.

"What do ya mean by someone? It can be my mother." I say, sitting on the bed as well.

"It isn't. You're mother is light, she doesn't have the weight needed to make the stairs creek." Cloud whispered, quickly but soundlessly walking to the door. I saw him extend his hand towards the doorknob but before he could grab it the door flew open, hitting him on the face with a loud, sickening thud.

I nearly had to shove a hand up my nose to keep myself from snorting!

My Mom blinked at the noise and poked her head behind the door, seeing Cloud resting against the wall while muttering some words that would put Cid and Barret to shame. "Oh, did I hit you dear?" She exclaimed, seeing Cloud turn to her with blood dripping down his nose and chin. "... I guess I did." She muttered, taking a hankie from her pocket and grabbing Cloud's nose to stop the bleeding, earning another curse from the hurt man.

“You need to learn how to knock, yo." I scold, getting up and dressing the first robe that I see to keep me warm before starting my quest to find a Curemateria on Cloud's big-ass suitcase. "What do ya want anyway?"

"Oh, I just came to say goodbye." Pamela sighed, squeezing Cloud's nose just to hear a shout of pain.


"Yeah, I decided that what I came to do here is done. There's no need to stay the entire week."

I narrow my eyes, stopping my search. "Why am I not buying that excuse?"

"Because you're nothing but a good, little whore." My mother says, smiling sweetly at me.

"... You heard."

"Yes, I did. You think you could fool me? Pff, children..." She snorted, shaking her head. "Your brother told me to stay put, to keep myself out of this but noo, I had to come and see for my eyes that you were, indeed, pregnant. Did you plan this?"

"What? No, I didn't." I reply, shaking my head in disbelief. "Why would I want to get pregnant, care to explain?"

"I don't know, attention? You always craved it when you were a child, why not pursuit now that you're an adult and have more... means... to get what you want?"

"What are you exactly calling me?" I snarl, turning my hands into fists. "Just say it at once!"

"You're nothing but a joke!" My mother snaps at me. "You're still a childish little idiot like the one that run away from our place in Mideel years ago! You're a nobody who can't get a job or that already has one but that it's so crappy that he can't even tell his mother about it!"

I blink and then let out a chuckle, shaking my head. "So that's the problem here? The fact that I refuse to tell you what I do for a living??"

"I don't like the way you keep hiding it, Reno."

"What, now you shift from bitch to concerned mother in a matter of seconds? Get real, yo!"

My mother hangs her head with a scowl but then lets out a chuckle, nodding. "Why do I even bother? You could be... someone, right now if you hadn't run. I come here to make sure you're alright, to try and open your eyes because having a child isn't an easy task and I'm sure that you can't do it alone because you're a failure like that--"

"I'm gonna have this kid, raise it and show you that I can be a better parent than you ever were!" I snarl but go unnoticed as my mother keeps talking.

"-- so an abortion is nothing but the best option right now, especially when this between you and this guy over here is nothing but an act!!"

"Alright, enough." Cloud finally exploded, grabbing my Mom's wrist and shaking her hand away from his nose. "I don't care about your little problem with Reno and our child and I seriously don't want to hear more about it. I've heard enough of what a mother shouldn't say to her child!" He spat, pushing her away. "You were leaving? Good, leave already!"

I couldn't help but stare at Cloud's back as he flipped at my mother, feeling like I missed something. "It's alright, I'm already used to it." I say lowly, scratching my nape awkwardly.

"No, it's not alright: not in my house."

Pamela snarled and hugged her hurt wrist next to her chest while getting up, slowly backing away towards the door. "You idiot... I'll make you regret this!" She shrieked, shaking her wrist but quickly stopping as it hurt. "Gwendal!!"

"... You called Dad??"

"What is it?" A strong, irritated voice came from the corridor before a man as tall as Barret appeared besides my mother's side. There he was, the brainless monster that was my father! "Hey Red!"

"Hey..." I reply, reaching to grab Cloud's t-shirt. "Don't piss him off. He might be drunk." I whisper to the blond.

"Don't get all smiles with him!" My mom scolded, showing her husband her hurt wrist. "His fuck toy did me this!!"

I mentally cursed as my father's eyes narrowed and then settled on Cloud. "You little shit..." He snarled lowly, reaching for the axe on his back. "How dare you??"

I sigh softly, seeing Cloud swallow and take a careful step backwards. "She hurt me and insulted Reno." He said firmly, gripping his sword tightly once more. "I just defended myself, Reno and the baby."

"... You treated them badly?"

Thank Shiva... "I--"

"She called me whore." I say loudly enough for my father to hear. "She hurt Cloud's nose and said awful things about our baby, yo!"

My father turned to glare at my mother as I grinned smugly: who cares if I exaggerated a bit? "Pamela..."

"They're not lovers!" My mom yells as a last try to turn my father against us. "It was an act they were doing to fool us!!"

"Shit..." I whisper, seeing my father turn to us once more.

"You've fooled us? During all this time?"

"What did you expected us to do?" Cloud asks, standing tall - as much as he can, anyway... - and proud as my father made his way to us.

"Shut up!" Gwendal screamed and swung his massive axe at us. "You've ruined my son's life, you little shit! And I hate those who lie to me!"

We barely had time to duck as the weapon swung right above our heads. "H-hey!" I yelled above my father's roars, feeling Cloud circle an arm around my waist and push me into the wardrobe, slamming the door shut on my face before the sound of the locket being locked was heard. "... You've got to be shitting me!" I yell once more, punching the stupid door.

There isn't much to do now but waiting, isn't it? So I sit on the floor and keep my eyes wide open, listening to the sounds of fighting outside. I jump and instinctively try to reach for my EMR when a loud crash is heard but I remember that I've stopped walking around with the thing since I've left the Turks and got here. It's amazing how vulnerable I feel without that piece of metallic crap around.

The fight went for what it seemed like hours and when it was over, it seemed like the sound of metal crashing against metal was still ringing on my ears. There was screaming during the fight but I couldn't place it: were the screams Cloud's? Or my father's? I didn't know.

"Hello??" I yelled to the wardrobe's door, sick of being there on the dark.

I listened as someone unlocked the door and watched as Cloud's face came to view. "He's gone and took your mother. Sorry, I was resting and forgot that you were here." he apologized, wiping the blood streaming down his forehead.

"Forehead wounds bleed like a bitch, yo." I commented, seeing Cloud kneel in front of the wardrobe before he pressed two fingers against his cut. "Did... You hurt him too badly?"

"No... He recked of alcohol so I fought him with the blunt side of my sword." The blond explained, wincing. "The thing was that the bastard wasn't holding back at all. I had to break the window and jump onto the tree in the front garden to escape him and Pamela. She can kick too, just so you know."

"I'm sorry."

"It's okay."

I nod briefly, looking above Cloud's shoulder and seeing the broken bed. "..."

"... Your father just missed the target, Reno."

"... Oh. ... It wasn't like I was thinking something bad, yo!"

"Yeah, sure..." Cloud muttered and cursed when I pressed against the wound, effectively making him shut the hell up! "Watch it!"

"Will do." I replied smugly, grabbing the Cure materia I had found and placed on my pocket before the argument with my mother flared. "Stay still." I ordered as I healed the other man's bruises.

"Thanks." Cloud thanked softly, feeling like new. He then helped me out of the wardrobe and sighed deeply as he saw the state of his room. "I'll be sleeping on the couch today, it seems." He mumbled, grabbing the broken bedpost. "Time to clean..."

I nod and bite my tongue, starting to help him out as much as I can in my state.

Who knew a pregnancy could cause so much trouble, yo!

Tags: cloud reno final fantasy 7

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